DC Comics’ Diversity Crisis: Why the Status Quo Rules




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Synchronization XDDD

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Come on,Rogers,move it!

guys, remember how i can make everything about neuroscience? this scene, though. if steve’s hippocampus — that’s memory storage — is as super as the rest of him the way that the times square exhibit says…it’s actually not that far-fetched to conclude that when steve remembers something, he remembers it like this. like, this might not be an exaggeration. steve might be able to literally watch memories play out in front of him. 

his nightmares must be horrible.

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Are you okay?

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my sexuality is girls all the time and boys if they’re famous, almost offensively beautiful and completely unattainable so i can attach all my impossible ideals to them and never have to have anything to do with them irl

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You know when someone is like a literal sunbeam shot straight through your heart? You know when you love something so much it makes your stomach hurt??? You know when you get all squirmy in your pants at dumb hashtags and painstakingly arranged Instagram pictures?????? Then you know the torture and joy of being a SebStan stan.

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Reblog if you would like to be asked questions about your OTPs


tbf this is kind of a constant state of being

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EvanStan + Being almost exactly extremely expressive 

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hotel and flight booked. IT’S REAL. IT’S REALLY REAL. me and @frauleinromanoff and buckyxavier are gonna be taking Chicago Comic Con by storm in a Philly Comic Con repeat.

sebstan and amack…get ready

Steve/Bucky, "Please come get me."

You’re eighteen and you’re going to die.

You’re small and you’re sick and the doctors are amazed you made it to your tenth birthday, let alone that you’re still breathing. So maybe you should count your blessings that you made it this far. But it makes you mad, because it ain’t fever or disease that’s gonna kill you now.

It’s your own goddamned mouth.

You have no patience for bullies, is all. Watching someone abuse their power, well. It slips under your skin and stirs up the devil inside. And since your fists are useless—you pretend otherwise, but know better—the only weapons you can use are your mind, which is quick and keen, and your words, which are sharp and knowing. “Like a knife, Stevie,” Bucky says, when you get particularly ornery. “Shoved right under a fella’s ribs, cut ‘em straight through.”

You sometimes forget, when Bucky sounds so proud of your skill, that others don’t take too kindly to being heckled.

The foot to your ribs is reminding you now.

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